Speaking Engagements

Dr. Alice Fong is a lively and engaging inspirational speaker for a wide arrange of topics including health, wellness, weight concerns, stress & anxiety management, love, and relationships.  She strives to empower her audience to live their best lives.  She has been a speaker at a women’s empowerment conference with over 80 women, and she has also taught smaller classes, lectures, and workshops to the general public and other healthcare professionals.

Story Ideas
★ How to Create Healthier Habits
★ 5 Helpful Healthy Ways to Fight Holiday Stress
★ The Benefits of Mediation and How to Get Started
★ How to Break Free From Stress and Anxiety Naturally
★ What You Can Do When You Feel Lonely and Depressed
★ How to Address Burnout Among First Responders
★ Stop Procrastination Once and For All
★ How to Start a Business in the Midst of a Pandemic
★ 5 Ways to Stay Well During Times of Uncertainty
★ How to Effectively Resolve Conflicts

If you would like to schedule a workshop or lecture or for your work, group, or event, please contact us to set up a meeting time to discuss what you are looking for in a speaking engagement and pricing.

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