Corporate Wellness

Dr. Alice Fong offers health lectures/workshops and/or wellness programs for your company.  Wellness and Mindfulness Workshops and Programs have been shown to increase focus, productivity and performance and employee morale as well as decrease health costs.  Dr. Alice is a proven expert in stress management, anxiety and nutrition, which are key components to optimizing the health and wellbeing of an organization.


Most Popular Workshop: 

The Ultimate Stress Management Workshop (45-60 min)

Description: Dr. Alice Fong utilizes a wide variety of tools to help people relax, as well as teach people how they can cope with stress in a healthier way. For many people, relaxation can be very difficult, and this workshop takes a holistic approach to well-being by addressing stress on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Stress is a major component of nearly everyone’s life, but it is often disregarded or not handled as well as it could be. Numerous studies have shown that prolonged stress can have a negative impact on a person’s physical health and mental and emotional well-being. Signs can include, but are not limited to: fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, overeating/poor dietary choices, decreased immune function, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Perhaps we cannot always change the stressors that come up in our lives, but we CAN change the way we respond to stress. And Dr. Alice’s job is to show you how you can handle your stress better to optimize your health. There IS a different way you can live, let Dr. Alice show you how.

Can be virtual or in-person (in Bay Area or Sacramento Area)

Other Offerings:

  • Mindfulness 101 – Increase Performance, Motivation, Focus, and Productivity (45-60 min)
  • Nutrition 101 – Feel Good in Your Body and Mind (45-60 min) 
  • Optimal Wellness for the Busy Tech Worker (45 min)
  • Immune Boosting Workshop (45-60 min)
  • Virtual Guided Meditation Session (20 min)
  • 1-on-1 Sessions for Employees (15-45 min each; Typically Scheduled at a Later Date After a Group Workshop)
  • Creating Authentic Connection in the Workplace (1-2 hours)


Prices vary based on size and location.  We will work together to create a customized plan for your company.

Programs offered primarily in the Northern California region or Virtually Online.  Independent lectures and workshops can be done anywhere in the country.

Please contact us to set up a meeting time to discuss your corporate needs and options.