Telemedicine Consultations

Virtual TeleMedicine Consultations

Many people do not have access to a naturopathic doctor or an integrative practitioner so these zoom consultations are a way to help people receive holistic wellness care from anywhere in the world. 

Virtual TeleMedicine Consults Offers…

Convenience – Access your doctor virtually during these appointments! Rather than taking a half or whole day off of work to fight traffic, deal with parking, sit in the waiting room for 20-60 minutes to see your doctor for maybe 5-10 minutes…you can SEE your doctor from the convenience of your home or office on your computer or phone during your lunch break!

Consistency – Rather than seeing your doctor once or twice a year; in OUR program, you will get 1-2 virtual telemedicine consultations a MONTH for the first few months so you ACTUALLY SEE results! You will succeed with the plan we give you because you will have continual support, motivation, education, inspiration, and accountability!

Any labs that will be ordered will be shipped to the patient’s home, where they can take the kit to their local lab for a blood draw or hire a mobile phlebotomist to come to their home.