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Dr. Alice Fong understands that often the root cause for a patient not getting better is because they are unable to stick to and follow through with a treatment plan.  Lack of motivation and self confidence impacts health as well as many other aspects in life such as work, family and relationships.   

Coaching is a way for you to fulfill on what really matters to you in life.   And it can be around health, work, family, your love life, hobbies, anything!   See results in your health. Improve your relationships.  Make work more workable for you.  Be more effective in your interactions with people.  Be more productive. Create a life you love and one where you feel empowered and fulfilled.

Dr. Alice is a graduate of the Landmark Forum and the Curriculum for Living.  She has also been trained in several other professional development courses and leadership programs through this organization.

To be clear, this is NOT a Naturopathic Consultation, so you will NOT be receiving a treatment plan based on your medical concerns.  However, if you are already a patient of Dr. Alice and have already received a treatment plan, the coaching calls are a possible way for you to stay accountable and follow through with the plan you were already given.

There is an opportunity to receive FREE coaching if your concern is related to love, dating, and relationships and you are willing to be a guest on Dr. Alice’s new video blog series called Love Lessons with Dr. Alice.”   

If you would like to be a guest on her show (done virtually using a facetime App called Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world), please send me an email with what you’re dealing with in your love life. Or if you’re an expert in the field, send me information about your experience, background and/or resume. 

She is also planning to start a podcast, so if you prefer just talking over the phone over doing video chat, that is an option too.

**Please note that when scheduling a call, the time zone will be Pacific Standard time.